Fly through exams with these 7 study tips

By the Douglas College Learning Centre

Final exams can feel like a flock of seagulls stalking a piece of pizza in your hand. It’s no fun to feel encroached upon, but exams are unavoidable. So face them head-on. Here are seven study tips to help you soar.

  1. Make a study schedule
    It takes more than smarts to ace those exams. Get organized by creating a study schedule. Studying over small chunks of time spread out over several days is more effective than cramming an entire course’s-worth of information into your brain the night before.
  2. Take care of yourself
    Your brain won’t function properly without good food and enough sleep. Get between seven to nine hours a night. Eat oily fish (like salmon), eggs, dark leafy greens (like kale, spinach or broccoli), blueberries, nuts and dark chocolate.
  3. Study in the right atmosphere
    beast and birds.gif
    Do you study best in a quiet location? Get to the library. Like a little hustle and bustle? Maybe a coffee shop is the place for you. Like being surrounded by birds? Head to the park.
  4. Make lists
    When you break down a big task (like studying) into smaller tasks, checking the items off feels productive and validating. (First item: looking at gifs of birds.)
  5. Take breaks
    angry birds microwave.gif
    Set your timer for 25 minutes to one hour. Then take a stretch break, or go for a quick walk. It will give your brain time to process the information you’re studying, relieve muscle tension, and help you feel refreshed so you’re ready to tackle the next topic.
  6. Alternate study topics
    To keep each topic fresh and interesting, it can help to study for more than one course during a study session.
  7. Organize a study group
    baby ducks.gif
    Studying in groups turns learning into a social activity. You can test each other, explain things aloud to an actual person, and crowd source what you know about the course. You are also more likely to remain motivated when you make a commitment to someone other than yourself

Ready to fly? We hope so. For more sweet study tips, check out the Learning Centre’s online resources.

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