A decade of leadership: Student Ambassadors celebrate 10-year milestone


This year, the Douglas College Student Ambassadors mark a milestone with their 10-year anniversary.
Though it may be the largest and longest-running student-leadership program at Douglas, the program had humble beginnings. What started with 12 students who volunteered to assist with graduation in 2007 turned into a thriving group that now boasts 500 alumni. To mark the anniversary, Douglas College is highlighting five notable alums, including Music Diploma grad Jay Schreiber, who is currently working as an account executive for Steel and Oak Brewing Company.

What drew you to the Student Ambassador program?

Being a Student Ambassador was an opportunity to get involved at the College beyond sitting in class and taking notes. It was a great chance for meeting and interacting with students of other disciplines and networking in the broader community at Douglas. Post-secondary is where you transition into being an adult, and the Ambassador program helps instill confidence and leadership in students.

What was your first experience with the ambassadors like?
The experience that really stands out is getting to know other people on a more personal level, rather than just as classmates. I learned how to create friendships and foster relationships, which have made me successful in my professional life after school. This skill was most helpful for when I transferred out of Douglas to university and needed to start over meeting new people. The best stories I have are from New Student Orientation, where we got to see students really connect and engage with the College.

What did you gain from being an Ambassador?
Being an ambassador helped me gain confidence and leadership skills that I have applied to every other aspect of my life. To know how to take control of situations and not be a passenger in adulthood is a key element to the post-secondary experience. I would encourage every student to leave their comfort zone at some time in their college career in order to truly discover who they are as people and the skills and talents they can contribute to their community.

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