Want to work in the music biz? Here are five reasons Douglas should be your starting point.


1. Find your crew. Connections are important in any industry. Make friends, network or just jam out with fellow music-loving students. Who knows? You may find your future bandmates in one of your classes.

2. Get schooled. You have the passion, all you need is the training. From the fundamentals of music to professional training, explore your passion for music with help from the pros. It doesn’t hurt that many of our programs easily transfer to university.

3. Broaden your horizons. You’re trained in piano, but have always loved the look of a saxophone. Why limit yourself? Experiment and expand your skill set with music electives.

4. Get creative.Build a portfolio with original work you have produced, written or performed. With cutting-edge facilities at your fingertips, you’ll be making the next chart-topper in no time.

5. A star is born. You’ve got the skills. You have created original work. Now you have to share it with the world (how else are you going to become famous, after all?) Get on stage and share your talent with one of our amazing performing groups, at concerts or at shows hosted by our community partners.

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