Meet Douglas College’s valedictorians for Winter 2017

This week is a time for celebration for the many Douglas College students who will be walking across the stage as part of the Winter graduation ceremonies.

One small group of students made a lasting mark with their peers and instructors during their time at Douglas. They are the valedictorians. Read below to hear what they had to say about their time at Douglas.

Estera Tepes Billa
Diploma in Music

“I am delighted to say that all my teachers were well prepared, and their passion for teaching enhanced my enthusiasm for learning and helped me excel in everything I was doing. Also, I was surrounded by friendly colleagues who really helped minimize the stress of studying.”

Diego Jônio Borba Lins

Post-Degree Diploma in Information and Communication Technology

Studying at  Douglas College is a unique opportunity. Your time here passes fast and doesn’t come back, so study hard and enjoy your time here.”
Sandra Loewe
“Many times throughout my six years plus one semester at Douglas, I did not see that light at the end of the tunnel, not even a flicker. There were many times when I thought, “I have had enough! This is too much! It’s too hard and time-consuming!” I started six years ago only wanting a certificate in Classroom and Community Support, but little did I know that I would end up not only with a diploma, but with a Bachelor of Arts in Child and Youth Care. Being valedictorian is just the cherry on top. I achieved all of this because I didn’t give up.”
Jaryn McLean

“I honestly did not know much about Douglas College, but after discussing my educational goals with my health-care manager, I received some great advice. He told me that Douglas College had the best Psychiatric Nursing Program in B.C.. After doing some research, I agreed. Douglas offered a four-year degree program, an excellent range of psychiatric courses and small class sizes.”

Julia Timoshenko
Bachelor of Business Administration – Financial Services

“One of the highlights during my time at Douglas was meeting a lot of people from different countries and backgrounds and learning something new and interesting from each one of them; forming what I’m sure are going to be life-long friendships; and  being a part of many exciting, challenging and educational school projects.”

Yelyzaveta Yaremenko
“My most interesting memory was working on projects with real companies. That is not only essential learning, but it is an opportunity for students to prove themselves, as some external organizations could become potential employers for them in the future – or at least they might be able to give students a good reference.”


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