To close, or not to close, here are the answers

Many people have asked how Douglas College makes decisions on opening the campus versus closing.

Douglas College serves a diverse community from a wide geographic area where conditions can significantly differ. It is not possible to account for every personal circumstance, so information for as much of our community as possible is taken into consideration.

Closure decisions are made by a small group at the College concerned with safety and operations. The paramount concern is for the safety of our students and employees. When considering to close the campuses, factors that influence the decision are:

  • Student and employee safety
  • Campus accessibility
  • Transit availability
  • Road conditions (in the case of snow, or other weather)
  • Weather forecast
  • Day-of activities or special events for groups using the campus
  • Other post-secondary closure decisions

Decisions are made with the information available at the time and take into consideration what may happen in the coming hours. Following any decision, conditions continue to be monitored and updates are provided as soon as they are available.

Each person knows what is safe for them and we support individuals to make these personal decisions. Whatever choice is made, we encourage the entire Douglas community to be flexible and patient.

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