A career in criminology or psychology? Douglas student chooses both

Photo Credit: David Denofreo

All it took was one class for Brittany Fox to switch up her plan of being a criminal lawyer.

And, if she’s being completely honest, she didn’t even want to take Psychology 101 – a required course for her Criminology diploma – in the first place.

“I totally went into that class kicking and screaming. I didn’t want to take it. But once the class began, it was like a light went off,” Fox said.

When she applied to the Criminology diploma program, Fox wanted to become a criminal lawyer. But after the psychology class, she hit on a new direction that would pair both her interests – criminal psychology.

Fox is mulling over which career to pursue but is determined to help people who are struggling – either as a prison counsellor or by working with people with addictions.

“My interest comes from curiosity. I want to know what leads people to do what they do, how their experiences shape their actions and decision-making processes,” Fox said.

She credits the engaging classes and knowledgeable instructors at Douglas College for sparking her interest.

“I love how the teachers get to know you here, they know your name and you can have a one-on-one conversation with them,” Fox said. “My most memorable experiences at Douglas have been in the classroom – I get so energized and interested in the topics we go over.”

While her career goals are still up in the air, Fox said ultimately plans to get her bachelor’s degree in Criminology at Douglas, then hopes to get her master’s degree at SFU – and eventually become a professor who would inspire students like her.

“I’m really motivated, and I look forward to coming to school because I love what I’m learning,” Fox said. “Who knows where I’ll go from here?”

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