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Step 4: Get to class

I remember my first day of class at the College, full of confusion and questions. I’m here to make things easier for you!

To get yourself to class, you’ll need your course schedule, which you can access from myAccount > Registration > Course Schedule. Check your class locations and times, then get to know your campus better so that you don’t end up confused in the maze of hallways. Check out the online maps for New Westminster and Coquitlam campuses.

Pro tip (this one’s so important we’re mentioning it again): make sure you get to the right campus, because so many new students end up at the wrong campus on their first day and it breaks our hearts every time! If it says DL next to the room number on your course schedule, your class is at the Coquitlam campus. If it says NW, then your class is at the New West campus. If you get lost in spite of all your efforts, keep an eye out for staff or students wearing an Ask Me button, they’re here to help you during Welcome Week and beyond!

Below is an example of what you would see on your course schedule for a class at the Coquitlam/David Lam campus. At the bottom, you see the Campus (DLA = David Lam or Coquitlam campus) and the Room Number (A1170)

DLA Course Sched Example

Next up is an example of what you’ll see on your course schedule for a class at the New West campus. On the bottom you see the Campus (NWS = New West) and the Room Number (3712)

NWS Course Sched Example


Now that you’ve figured out how to get to class, make sure you get there on time to grab a seat in the front row (maybe it’ll help you ace the class)!

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