foggy mountain peak

Whenever In Doubt, Hike!

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about travelling? For me it’s my Quecha backpack and my soul! Exactly a year ago I was altogether in a different world: I was ready for my Duke’s Nose trek in one of Maharashtra’s (Indian state) finest hiking destinations. Imagine ….rain pouring, lavish greenery in the valley, and snow-white waterfalls in the background. Well this is a typical monsoon day in India, and I just can’t get enough of it.

foggy mountain peak

I recently did the Joffre Lake Hike and this was my first hike in Canada. I must tell you, it was a breathtaking view from the top lake. Beautiful British Columbia, rightly said. I still miss the days back in my country where I did high-altitude treks regularly, but I’m glad to live in such a beautiful provinces were hiking trails are plenty.

Depressed? -Trek!
Sad? – Hike!
Stressed? – Hike!

While hiking I have been through hell with lots of injuries, but did I stop? Of course not! Adding feathers to my cap I kept conquering! According to me this is perfect method of channeling the energy of an enthusiast like me. The following word suits me perfectly- Wanderlust!

shot of a backpackers back looking out into a field with text saying wanderlust

Hiking for me has been a phenomenal experience which I feel is a simple therapy. My belief: whenever in doubt, hike!

All it takes is a backpack and some buddies to make it memorable.

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