Whenever In Doubt, Hike!

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about travelling? For me it’s my Quecha backpack and my soul! Exactly a year ago I was altogether in a different world: I was ready for my Duke’s Nose trek in one of Maharashtra’s (Indian state) finest hiking destinations. Imagine ….rain pouring, lavish greenery in the valley, and snow-white waterfalls in the background. Well this is a typical monsoon day in India, and I just can’t get enough of it.

foggy mountain peak

I recently did the Joffre Lake Hike and this was my first hike in Canada. I must tell you, it was a breathtaking view from the top lake. Beautiful British Columbia, rightly said. I still miss the days back in my country where I did high-altitude treks regularly, but I’m glad to live in such a beautiful provinces were hiking trails are plenty.

Depressed? -Trek!
Sad? – Hike!
Stressed? – Hike!

While hiking I have been through hell with lots of injuries, but did I stop? Of course not! Adding feathers to my cap I kept conquering! According to me this is perfect method of channeling the energy of an enthusiast like me. The following word suits me perfectly- Wanderlust!

shot of a backpackers back looking out into a field with text saying wanderlust

Hiking for me has been a phenomenal experience which I feel is a simple therapy. My belief: whenever in doubt, hike!

All it takes is a backpack and some buddies to make it memorable.

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