Good grades? Get paid for them

Photo Credit: David Denofreo

Hannah Sanvido knew Douglas College was her destination after high school.

She wanted to have a smooth transition to post-secondary and lots of one-on-one time with her instructors – making Douglas the perfect fit. So when she was offered a $5,000 President’s Entrance Scholarship, that only sweetened the deal for Sanvido, who came to the College looking to find her niche.

“The scholarship allowed me to explore and find something I’m truly passionate about, without having to worry about the cost,” Sanvido said.

And if she can maintain a B+ average or higher (so far, so good), Sanvido can renew her scholarship for up to four years, for a total of $20,000 towards her education.

Each year, 16 President’s Entrance Scholarships are offered to students coming to Douglas College directly from high schools in Metro Vancouver. Candidates must have a GPA of 3.5 or better (81.5 percent average in high school) and make significant contributions to school or community activities.

Sanvido easily met the requirements. Aside from her great grades in high school, she volunteered, and ran youth and summer camps in volleyball, tennis, badminton, writing and more.

Drawing on her love of sports, Sanvido enrolled in the Sport Science Diploma in 2015. She decided to build on her education with an Associate of Arts degree.

Now, Sanvido – who is also the vice president of the College’s Ultimate Frisbee Club – is working toward a career in athletics as a Bachelor of Physical Education and Coaching (BPEC) degree student.

“Ultimately, I want to work in an active environment helping children,” Sanvido said. “I am really drawn to the concept of learning through play and would like my career to in some way reflect that.”

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