Much More than Just a Sunday…

I am sure that the majority of us love spending our weekends with family and friends or maybe just staying in for a lazy day. Being a student can be exhausting, at least this is the case for me, so I look forward to catching up on sleep on the weekend. Last Sunday  I couldn’t sleep in because I had big event on Sunday, the ‘CIBC Run for the Cure’ – a Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation (CBCF) event. It was a special event for my family and I, as we remembered our beloved sister Snehal Mehta who passed away from breast cancer in 2012.


I am right beneath the banner (eyes closed)

The event took place amidst the beautiful atmosphere and skyscrapers of downtown Vancouver. We named our team “Snehal”, and we aimed to be real change-makers by taking part in this event. My family and I were able to contribute to the CBCF by raising donations and increasing awareness about breast cancer.

The run started off with a breast cancer survivor’s parade and a motivational speech. We were touched and thousands were inspired. This run focused on educating people about ongoing cancer research and how cancer can be defeated. The women in the parade brought tears to my eyes: they are real champions.

There was an option for a 5k run as well as a 1k walk. I did the 5k run which was pretty awesome. People brought different kinds of energy together, and cheer-leaders and bands along the streets kept the runners motivated. Participants ranged from the age of 1 and 85. I saw people carrying banners in memory of their loved ones, and the one that touched me the most was a little girl holding a board saying “I miss you Aunt Samantha, I want to dance with you again”.

The atmosphere was lively and the DJ’s music kept our spirits up. Team Snehal had around 30-40 members who came early morning for this noble cause. In total, the event raised a total of approximately $70,000 this year! The run lasted approximately for 1 and half hour and once the run was over we gathered together to take pictures, and have coffee and fresh fruits. The special morning came to an end at 11:30 am. This was one of the finest Sundays of the year. Every year the run is organized on the 1st of October; I hope to see all of you there next year.

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