Trying Old Things, In a New Way


I am not artistic, not by any means but I have always loved the idea of painting. I tried several times in my younger teenage years to make my bedroom wall into a masterpiece. And by masterpiece, I mean I wrote “PUNK ROCK” on my wall with a paint set I got from the dollar store. Since then I decided to put my paint brushes to rest and leave that artistic side of me untouched. Until now! This weekend I decided that even though my teenage dreams have since been crushed, maybe there was another way to create my own masterpiece. Maybe, something more low key than painting my bedroom wall. My partner recently introduced me to pottery painting and I went for the first time this weekend. It is safe to say, I loved it!


The number of pottery pieces to paint was certainly overwhelming. I decided on a jewellery box with a beautiful floral pattern on the top. It turns out when it comes to painting; I’m not too shabby at all. The atmosphere inside the store was calming. I sat and painted with several other strangers, at a table. We all talked and shared stories about ourselves. It was one of my favourite memories I have made in Canada so far. I honestly did not make a plan for how I was going to paint the jewellery box; I just went with the flow. It felt exhilarating to take another stab at this hobby I really enjoyed. I definitely made a few mistakes, painted outside the lines but I appreciated the entire experience.

I made something that I was proud of. I realized that I needed to do more stuff like this for myself. Get back into some of my old hobbies but in new ways.

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