table with chevron print notebook and school supplies

You’re Never Too Old for Back to School Shopping

Going back to school means a lot of things. New classes, new teachers, new friends, a new schedule, and lots of things that are out of your control. In a way of seeking a bit of control I always buy fun new school supplies. Why? Because I can’t control the girl who sits beside me… but I can control if I have a cool new metallic notebook. And if she can’t appreciate that, then we probably won’t get along anyways.

If I’m being honest with myself, I struggle to make it to class sometimes. Having something small and exciting waiting for me once I get to my desk helps me find something to look forward to. That’s why I made a yearly ritual of picking up fun school supplies like this haul I got earlier this year.

table with chevron print notebook and school supplies

Although I have this ritual for personal reasons, it is also very nostalgic. Going back to school when I was younger meant one thing: shopping! Were you one of those kids whose parents ordered all of their schools supplies from the school? I refused to let my mom do that because I didn’t want to have the same binder and boring yellow pencils (note how I bought black pencils) as everybody else. I lived for my Lisa Frank binder.

colourful children's notebooks with animals on them

The change in my reason for back to school shopping also reflects the changes I have felt as a person. Growing up can mean seeing the same things in a different way. But that is enough of reading too deeply into why I bought pens in 8 different colours. Did you go back to school shopping?

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