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How Douglas Got Me Off the Couch

Fall weather doesn’t have to mean you have to finish working out for the year. There are tons of activities that I like to DO at Douglas, and how I started doing them is, to me, pretty amazing, since fitness was never really important to me. I would never have thought that fitness and college really went hand in hand.

It was in the middle of my first semester that I started to change my mind, when a friend from my old high school invited me to play basketball with him. After repeatedly turning him down due to being “busy” with school, I finally went along with him, and not only did I have fun, I also met new friends. From there, working out at the fitness center eventually became a regular thing.

When I got that first basketball game invitation, I definitely had the “Commuter Mentality,” meaning I was only at school for my degree, homework, and NOTHING else. For my first couple of weeks of college, I had about two friends, and would always go home ASAP. Now, I’m always “busy” in one fitness room or another, and as a result, I feel better and my grades have improved. Fitness is now one of the most important parts of Douglas for me, and I know that my cardio is covered, every day before class because…

dos equis most interesting man in the world meme with text reading I don't always do cardio, but when I do, I do it walking up the hill

So if you want to have some fun and maybe change your college experience, try one of these places.

  1. The Fitness Centre, a.k.a the Weight Room.We all start somewhere so don’t be intimidated! Everyone there is friendly and helpful so don’t be afraid to ask for a hand if you need it! As of the Winter 2015 semester, Douglas College has the new Douglas College Lifting Club – go check it out!
  2. Intramurals!A fun and exciting place to meet new friends by playing sports such as volleyball, soccer, and basketball! Since it varies every semester I suggest you check it out hereThis Fall semester, beach volleyball at the Quay will be happening every week! It’s one of my favorite intramurals. Check the link regularly for more info!

You might also want to check out the Douglas College Fall Beach Volleyball Tournament!

  1. Clubs, & Fitness Classes in the Studio!If none of the above is for you, try out the various Clubs that the college has to offer. I personally like to spice things up with the DC Hip-Hop Club, or some Salsa every Friday. My personal favorite, yoga classes, are being offered all semester long in the studio beside the fitness centre! Check out the full fitness class schedules here to see what Douglas has to offer, and don’t forget it’s FREE!

Remember that the only bad workout is the one you didn’t do!

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