Adventure is out there!

Change is inevitable, kids. It’s a simple (and often tough) lesson we all learn growing up. Sometimes change can be really daunting, sometimes it can be oh, so wonderful, and sometimes it’s exactly in between.

I, for one, can account for being right in between.

Very recently, I found out that I got accepted into the nursing program at Langara College. I’m beyond thrilled that I got in, because I’ve been waiting and stressing for a while about it! I’ve always been up for a challenge and love trying new things so I know that transferring will definitely be exciting. Plus, connecting with new people and getting involved has always been my thing, so who knows what will happen in the upcoming year? It could be another whirlwind of adventure for this one, heyo!

But like many things, excitement comes with nerves and more often than not, fear! It’s an experience I’m sure many of us are familiar with as we made the jump from high school to Douglas College — that uncertainty as we walk unfamiliar halls filled with even less familiar faces. I get that butterfly feeling when I think of starting at a new school and have all those normal, trivial worries that come with it like remembering to smile at people instead of furrowing my brow, trying to find my classes. It’s all a part of making that leap into the next chapter like so many of us transfer students do. But I mean, if Cady can do it, so can I! I’ll just show up being like…


I will no doubt miss my #LifeAtDC though, and it breaks my heart knowing I won’t be roaming the halls, randomly bumping into the friends I’ve made that are sprinkled around campus. I’ll definitely miss my in-class breaks on the fourth floor terrace on those one-off, beautiful sunny days.

I’ll miss the community at Douglas College the most. I feel really grateful and get kind of teary-eyed thinking about the heaps of awesome, caring, and hilarious people that I’ve met throughout my time here. Calling them friends does not even suffice. The people I’ve met through Student Ambassadors and Student Life, especially, have become like family to me. My (huge) second family. There is definitely a special place in my heart for the Life at DC team.  I can’t think of a time where they haven’t made me smile or laugh.

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I came in the interview telling myself that this is pointless and they will never pick me but they did. I came in the first meeting and I told myself this team will never click but it did. I went out there to do my first survey and I told myself no one will do this but they did. As my IG takeover is coming to an end I would like to post a picture of the student engagement social media team, the first team ever assembled in dougLas history. I am honored to have served 2 wonderful terms with these people and I would do it again. I came in this job a stranger but came out with a family. No doubt the potential surpassed level 9000. The early meetings was worth every cold weather waiting for the bus. Nothing can ever beat the bond that all of us created within this team. As many of us move on to other things just remember that we #prahbobly will meet again. As #meekoswave sways his talents through life our different talents will #MAXIMize our full potential #Deep-ti in to our future. Let #mikayla about #paulabillities about this wonderful job. I would like to thank everyone in the student engagement team for the opportunity that you all gave me and specially to the one true queen in the north mi mother Debbs! My Douglas life will forever be great and changed for the better! For whatever the future holds the good times will always be remembered. Thank you dougies! And remember don't be afraid to get involved! It will open doors that you didn't think you had the keys to! #douglascollege #family #lifeatdc #newwestdouglas #studentengament

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Working with all these phenomenal people makes school not just enjoyable but it makes college one of the best experiences of my life. These are what college days are about! Opportunities like being a leader at New Student Orientation and the E.D.G.E., or participating Student Leadership Retreat and Student Leadership Conference have opened so many doors for me. These experiences have also opened my eyes to how diverse and exciting life itself is! Douglas College has taught me some valuable lessons and given me heaps of awesome opportunities that I’ll be sure to miss when I’m gone, but you know what they say! Adventure is out there!

Adventure is out there

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