Uganda Project interns to share their stories at Douglas College on March 31

Learn about the challenges – and joys – of working in a developing country through the stories 20 Uganda Project interns.

On Mar. 31, the recently-returned interns – which include Douglas College grads – will speak at a public presentation at the Coquitlam campus, room A1470, and share their experiences after six months in the East African country.

The speaker event will take place from 9am-12pm and will provide insight into what it’s like to work in a developing country, said Douglas College instructor Janice Spencer.

“Without a doubt, events like this spark insight, understanding and compassion,” Spencer said. “Events like this help to share the experience beyond the interns and promote intercultural understanding and global awareness.”

Spencer, who spearheads the project with fellow faculty member John Fox, has been travelling to Uganda for a number of years with groups of interns for the Uganda Project.

The paid internships are 28 weeks long and break into three job categories: community education worker, community health worker and community social service worker.

Interns use their skills as bridge-builders in the community while taking on various projects – including working with local, grass-root organizers, the Masaka Regional Hospital and the Uganda Community Libraries Association.

“It is personally and professionally challenging and rewarding,” Spencer said.

The College received federal funding to host the International Youth Internship Program that will see post-secondary graduates from across Canada complete internships in the East African country while gaining experience in education, health and social services.

The federal funding will send 40 interns in total over the next two years and will support intern salaries, travel and accommodations, as well as faculty time and travel. In order to qualify, Canadian youth must be between the ages of 19 to 30 and be post-secondary graduates of a diploma or degree program.

For more information on the Uganda Project, see here
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