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Men’s Volleyball Nationals: Pride is Here!



From my Snapchat story on Day 1!

Douglas College hosted the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association Men’s Volleyball Nationals last week! The games are over but our admiration for the Royals stays with us. I’m a great fan of our Douglas Volleyball teams and I was part of the event staff last week. I didn’t expect to experience such a great event in my college! I learned a lot about how much is needed to host a large event of this kind. Even from the first day I could feel how the players were giving it all that they had on that court, and it was awesome to be a part of it. There was a big crowd of supporters watching all the teams, and when Douglas played it was even more exciting. They had so much support from their fans and those three days were really busy and full of emotions and anticipation. Because I was working the event, I was able to capture some pretty cool moments!


#prideishere! What’s a team without their fans?

“I am more than just an athlete and this is more than just a game,” is the sentiment featured in the video the Royals created in celebration of the event. Our team was trying not just to win, but to inspire people, and that fits in so well with our Douglas College philosophy to DO what you love. Check out the video:


Of course winning was our goal, but we were thrilled that our boys placed fourth in the tournament. There is no doubt that the experience was amazing for everyone:athletes, staff, volunteers and fans from all over the country.


Congratulations to the Red Deer Kings from Alberta, for placing 1st!

For those who could watch the games, I hope you had a great time like I did, and for those who could not there will be more chances to watch and support the Royals!

No matter what, we learned that you have to give up all your best efforts to achieve your goals!


Congratulations to all the teams that gave their all on the court!

Good job Douglas Royals Athletics for hosting an excellent CCAA Men’s National Championship 2016! You can check out more info on the teams, the event, and the final rankings on the CCAA website.

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