Career Fair: Grown Up Carnival!

Hosted every year by the Student Employment Centre at Douglas College, the Career Fair gives students an opportunity to connect with employers in their field. It’s a prime occasion if you are looking for a job, volunteer opportunities, or just to gain some information about your field.

Prior to the career fair, the Student Employment Centre hosted a Career Fair Preparation Workshop that I was able to attend. The idea of this workshop had me a little bit confused… what was there to learn about preparing for a career fair? Well, Michaela, there is a whole lot! At the workshop, I got a “Career/Job Fair To-do Checklist,” which included tips on how to stand out during the fair and how to follow up with potential employers afterwards.

Before the fair, SEC staff recommend revising your resume, because it’s the only thing employers will have to remember you by after you visit their booth. Take a look at Deepti’s post for info about resume review services at the SEC!

I also learned about the importance of having ‘elevator pitch,’ which is a 30 second statement to introduce yourself and impress a potential employer. After practicing it a couple times, you’re ready to go!

This year the Career Fair was three days, two at New West, and one at the Coquitlam campus. The second day at New West was dedicated to Financial Services exhibitors.

Career Fair

The Career Fair at the Coquitlam Campus

As I navigated the aisles, there were so many exhibitors from different fields, like police departments, opticians, youth workers, even the armed forces. A highlight for sure was meeting a police dog— strictly professional.

Now, preparation is good, but if you happen to walk through the atrium one day and find yourself in the middle of career fair chaos, there’s no harm in just striking up a conversation with an employer that piques your interest. In fact, along with some fellow students, I approached different exhibitors and they also got our attention as well. As much as you are looking for a job/volunteer opportunity, the feeling is mutual: they’re looking for people to hire, too!

With information flyers, and job applications out on some tables, or a list of postings on another, you’ll notice really quickly that there are lots of possibilities are out there and employers are eager to meet you.


This year’s Career Fairs are over, but be sure to check out the Student Employment Centre online for more information about their services, which include Resume Review, Mock Interviews, and more!


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