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Humans of DC: Finding independence

By Douglas College Student Life

“My motivations are independence, and passion.

“Independence for me means having to be self-reliant. With working to support my post-secondary education it has taught me the value of independence. I am free to make my own decisions and to pursue my desired path of education in Kinesiology. I also feel a sense of accomplishment knowing that I am the only one who can choose my path. My elders never forced me to study for a career I didn’t enjoy, because they knew they couldn’t change my mind about the Douglas College Sport Science program. So they only wish for me to succeed in life. They would always tell me that they would help me when I needed it, but I strive on having to complete things on my own. By having independence, I am able to personally improve and build self-esteem from my capabilities. This is where my passion arises.

“To have passion means to have dedication and strong compelling feeling towards one’s desires, to set the mind on a goal and achieve it. My goal was to work in my field of study and still go to school. To obtain experience I applied as an Athletic Trainer for Basketball at Douglas College, Lacrosse in Ladner and for Football in New Westminster. I got all of these jobs through my connections! I was relieved to be able to start working for experience in my industry. However, it’s also terrifying that these athletes would soon turn to depend on me. Even though I was timid to start, I kept telling myself that other students had to start out like me. I would always have my evenings and weekends blocked off for practices and games. Working as a trainer I am able to utilize my education and passion to develop new relations and opportunities for myself and others.”

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