Celebrate UNIBUG’s fifth anniversary with free forum

Mikki Herbold photo

Roll up your sleeves and get those hands dirty with Douglas College’s User Network for Insect Biology in the Urban Garden (UNIBUG) on Saturday, Mar. 12.

The Institute of Urban Ecology will host the annual UNIBUG forum at the College’s New Westminster campus to celebrate urban gardens and inform the public about sustainable gardening approaches.

“We hope that people will take away a sense of the beauty of urban gardens,” Institute of Urban Ecology co-ordinator Veronica Wahl said. “This forum will provide both information about sustainable gardening and an opportunity to meet like-minded people with an interest in urban gardens.”

The event kicks off at 10am and features an informative panel with local experts providing advice on beneficial insects, including pollinators – both native wild bees and honeybees – and pest-eating biological control insects. The panel will also provide tips on how to green your yard, garden in small spaces and get involved in community gardening.

“Urban gardens provide many benefits to both people and local wildlife,” Wahl said. “Our participants know about some of these benefits, but most are keen to learn new things, ask questions, share stories and discuss strategies.”

The forum will also feature hands-on activities – including the chance to make seed paper – and will finish with a closing reception at the Amelia Douglas Gallery at 11:30am showcasing the Green Links 2016 art exhibit.

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