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Did you know that we have a Fitness Centre here at Douglas College?! The most frequent question I get from classmates when I tell them that I work there is “There’s a gym here?” Yes, there’s a gym, a weight room and a studio. In fact, there are fitness spaces at both the New Westminster and Coquitlam Campuses.

They might be hard to find if you’re not a Royals athlete or Sports Science student. The main thing to know is that the New West Fitness Centre is in the 1300 wing, down the hall from the lower cafeteria. Coquitlam Campus, the Fitness Centre is actually in the Pinetree Community Centre, which is the gym that Douglas College shares with the secondary school and local community. If you want to start using the gym at Pinetree, the staff can sign you up for a FREE Activity Card that will last up to five years. All you need is to bring your student ID card and proof of enrollment at Douglas College (you can just pull up your course schedule on your phone and show it to the staff, or you can print your course schedule).

Here’s the deal: as long as you paid for one three credit course with the activity fee then you can use all this for free. Yes, I said it. FREE. I repeat once again. FREEEEE!!! No hidden fees or monthly deals (unless you’re an alumni or a community member. Then we’ve got deals for you)!

Lots of people think that it’s difficult to sign up to use the gym. Well folks, IT’S NOT! You sign one waiver. After that you just need to remember to bring appropriate gym attire since certain materials damage the equipment and your student id to scan in and you’re gold.

Now I know what some of you are thinking…


You know what? I work at the gym and I didn’t start actually using the resources until last week. Maybe it’s a lack of motivation or the lack of time or maybe it’s been so long you don’t know how to work out anymore.

It’s totally OK! I mean, just look at me. This is my second year and I’ve worked at the gym for a while already. I don’t feel guilty at all, but now is the time for me to really focus on my health. I have the time and I finally get it, that it’s the best thing for me right now.


Now maybe really you’re really wanting to start, but you actually don’t know how to start. Have no fear, we’ve got a fitness trainer here! Moses Vega offers discounts for students and staff for personal training at the New Westminster Fitness Centre. You can learn more and contact him through the Sports Science website. You should also check out the Sports Science Facebook Page for tips and facts about exercise. So Douglas College Fitness is a great way to start.

Whether you’re ready to take the first, or the hundredth step to healthy living, or you just want to learn something new, the Fitness Centre is the place for you to do that. If using the equipment or meeting with a personal trainer makes you nervous, you could also check out our fitness classes, which are also free on both campuses.

There’s Hatha Yoga classes for newbies all the way to Below the Belt classes for our buffs. Whether you’ve been working out for years or a couple of days, all the classes are there to help you explore the world of fitness and exercise. There are a whole bunch of classes at Coquitlam in the Pinetree Community Centre as well, including Zumba and Candlelight Yoga. Here’s the fitness schedule, you’re welcome to just drop in.

If you have the time and can muster a bit of inspiration to Get Healthy, then go for it. You’ll never regret giving it a shot!

I work out

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