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Step 3: Get online

I bet your first question on your first day at the College will be “What’s the wifi password?”  

Your nine-digit student ID number is your username and your date of birth is your password (DDMMYY). Now you can send a snap to your story about your first day at the College. Yaaaaassss! But once you’ve connected your devices to the wifi, make sure you know how to use myDouglas to check your class schedule and course waitlists. Some of your instructors might use Blackboard (not the chalky kind) to share important information like the course syllabus, course notes and assignments, and eventually your exam grades. Your instructors will teach you how to use it, if you don’t know already. Also, you can access library resources online through your myLibrary account.

Since you’ll probably have lots of questions regarding the online services available at the College, you should check out the GetIT guide for more info.

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