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Step 2: Get to campus

Now that you’re officially a student at Douglas, let’s figure out your best route to campus.

If you’re taking transit to the College (like most of us broke souls), get your Compass Card ASAP. The cost of your compass card is covered in your fees if you are registered in three courses or more (woohoo!). For more information about how to get your Compass Card, visit the Essential Resources section of the Douglas College website. Translink BC has a handy trip planner to help you figure out your best route to campus. Make sure you get to the right campus on your first day of class! It happens a lot during Welcome Week: a new student asks for help finding their classroom, only to realize they came all the way to the wrong campus. Womp, womp.  Don’t let that be you!  Be sure to check out Step 4: Get to class for tips.

If you’re driving, there are parking lots at both campuses, and you can also buy a semester parking pass. There’s also RideShare for students and employees who want to carpool to campus.

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