Royals basketball player to shine from the sidelines as a sports broadcaster

David Denofreo photo

It’s no surprise to anyone who knows her that Domunique Booker’s first steps were on a basketball court.

The Royal’s basketball player comes from a sports family and proudly admits that the love of the game is in her blood.

“My parents met at a basketball tournament. There’s a life-size cutout of Michael Jordan in my basement. Basketball has always been a huge part of my life,” she said. “We’re a huge athlete family.”

With a background like that, it made sense for the 19 year old to pursue a career in the industry. And while most athletes would love to be on the court or in the field, Booker is looking to shine on the sidelines as a sports broadcaster.

The Douglas College Communications student plans to hone her writing skills before transferring to Ryerson University for the Sports Broadcasting program.

“Ultimately, I would want to be a sideline reporter for any sport really. I would love to have a show – like NBA Countdown – where you can meet the players in a more personal setting,” Booker said. “I’m incorporating something I love into a career.”

The avid YouTube user has also been working on her video and technical skills, shooting and posting family moments, team highlights and more.

“I’m pretty techy and I’m trying to develop that part of myself, as well. So that if I get a job, I’m capable of being in front of the camera or behind it,” she said.

The ambitious teen is also dedicated to giving back in her community and wants to combine her love of sports with her passion for philanthropic work.

She notes an organization like NBA Cares – the league’s global social responsibility program – would be a long-term career goal.

“Giving back to my community is very important to me and I want to continue to do that,” she said.

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