Douglas College Marketing grad lauds practicum experience

Whether on the green or in the office, Horia Dumitru is ready to make a deal.

The Douglas College grad has always been drawn to the world of promotion and sales, which was why he decided to enroll in the Marketing program.

“It was a natural fit,” Dumitru said. “It was very challenging at first, of course, but the small classes and the friendly teachers helped me get on track.”

Now, Dumitru is putting the skills he used at Douglas College to use with a new job at a point-of-sales software company where he is currently working on technical support and sales.

“There are a lot of opportunities at this company,” Dumitru said. “There is room to grow.”

The 25-year-old always has his eye on the ball – in the office and out. That’s why he’s been working on his golf game.

“Later on, in the future, when I’m making deals with clients out on the green, we have that bond,” he said.

The client-focused approach was instilled into Dumitru while he was in the Marketing program, where he learned about dealing with clients, the importance of deadlines and focusing on the bigger picture.

For his marketing practicum, Dumitru got to utilize his new abilities when he was tasked with increasing awareness about the College’s Student Employment Centre.

“It gave me the chance to put into practice what we learned in class – writing surveys, interacting with students and focus groups,” he said. “The client – Barb Kojder – was amazing and always there to help.

“I couldn’t ask for more. That practicum made my experience at Douglas so worthwhile,” he said.

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