Douglas College business student transitions to career as an accountant

When trying to decide what his future career should be, Omar Castro took a personality test.

The results suggested a career in accounting, but the native of Mexico took a different route, pursuing a law degree instead.

After 13 years, one successful law firm and a number of years teaching as a law professor, Castro realized there may have been something to the test he took years earlier.

After moving to Canada in 2011, Castro enrolled at Douglas College to study Sociology; however, he quickly switched to Accounting. Now, the junior accountant at Loren, Nancke and Company CPAs is working towards his Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation.

“I interviewed some of my instructors, who offered very sound advice. I attended a CPA information session organized by the Douglas College Business Association and the attraction kept growing,” Castro said. “I dug further and found Douglas offered all the prerequisite courses on a very flexible schedule.”

Castro notes that his time at Douglas was a big factor in his success. As a newcomer to Canada, a father and a husband, he had many responsibilities to balance with school. He recalls one instance when he was between jobs as Christmas approached.

“I had no money to buy my kids and wife anything. Suddenly, I got a phone call from Douglas College’s financial office offering me a Christmas hamper as a gift. I will never forget that,” he said. “In times of trouble I always had the support of the Financial Aid office; many of my courses where paid by bursaries, awards and scholarships from Douglas College.”

Castro added the College provided a wealth of knowledge about potential sources of employment, skills needed in his field of interest and advice regarding his career change.

“It’s very easy to get lost in a sea of information, and the academic advisors were always the beacon on the beach for me,” he said.

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