New semester, new goals for Douglas College students

Every year, thousands of students enroll at Douglas College with an appetite to learn and expand their skill set.

With the first week back to school wrapping up, new and returning students took a few minutes to reflect on their goals for the semester.

Danica Seguro
First year at Douglas College
General Studies student

“I want to make new friends for one thing, and to get out of my comfort zone.”

Amanda Stewart
Third year at Douglas College
Chemistry student transferring to SFU

“I want to get through the semester in a consistent manner and avoid the ups and downs I experienced last year.”

Cameron Jordan
First year at Douglas College
Associate of Science student

“I want to have a successful year – get through without failing anything.”

Laura Scott
First year at Douglas College
General Studies student transferring to Music Program

“I want to expand my horizons. This is an exciting year for me. I’m going back to school as a mature student – I’m 27 – and I’m going to further my education.”

Blake Hobson-Dimas
First year at Douglas College
Theatre Program student

“I want to keep up with my program. Everyone tells me if you get behind it’s the worst thing you can do.”

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