Future Teachers grad prepares for career in the classroom

David Denofreo photo

Imagine having a job where you’re surrounded every day by people who make you smile. 

That’s what appeals to Terralynn Price about becoming an elementary school teacher. “I love working with kids,” she says. “They have such a positive outlook on the world and are so eager to learn.” 
To prepare for a teaching career, Terralynn has completed the Associate of Arts – Future Teachers program. She picked the program because it provides a clear path to the teacher training program at SFU. That’s where she plans to head after graduating from Douglas. 
But first she’s finishing up a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Psychology. As part of the Applied Psychology program, she’s doing a specialization in Disability and Applied Behaviour Analysis. The knowledge and practical experience she gains will help her support students with autism and other challenges. 
“I think the training will help me turn my classroom into a better learning environment for every student,” she says.
Want to do what Terralynn’s doing? Come to an info session to find out more about our Associate of Arts – Future Teachers and BA Applied Psychology programs. 
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