Associate of Science grad looks ahead to med school

David Denofreo photo

It took a bout of serious illness for Harprit Khakh to realize she wanted to be a doctor.

Shortly after starting classes at Douglas, she began suffering from pain and fatigue. The sudden, unexplained illness limited her attendance at school and made her feel hopeless.
But thanks to her doctors, who identified the problem as digestive tract disease, she was able to regain her health. “I was so grateful to my doctors, who pretty much gave me my life back,” she says.
Having since earned an Associate of Science Degree from Douglas, Harprit is now studying biology at SFU and looking ahead to medical school.
She says she’s glad she came to Douglas to do her first two years of university-level courses.
“If I’d gone to a research university right out of high school, I would have had no direction,” she says. “Douglas allowed me to explore what I really want to do.”

By getting an Associate of Science Degree from Douglas, Harprit ensured she’d graduate with 60 credits that would transfer into the third year of a Bachelor of Science program at a university. Find out more about associate degrees at our website.

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