Dancer trades limelight for caring career

David Denofreo photo

In his former life, Mikee Espejo was a professional dancer who competed all over Canada and the world, even placing third globally with his dance team at a competition in Las Vegas.

But what really gets his heart going is helping people with mental illness and addictions. This desire is what drew him to the Community Social Service Work program. A perfect fit for his caring personality, the program gave him the chance to apply his skills in a practicum placement at an after-school program. Once he graduates, he wants to work with children and seniors in a church setting. 
“I’ve always loved to help people, even a random person in the street,” Mikee says.

And if Mikee chooses to pursue a Bachelor of Social Work Degree, he’s in luck: He’s already completed the two core social work courses needed to get accepted at UBC and other universities, plus other credits that will transfer to the big U’s.

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