Douglas College Music Technology student unlocks his talent in the studio

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Being a successful music producer takes more than just passion, creative vision and an ability to work well with musicians.

It also requires an in-depth understanding of the technical side of working in a studio.

The desire to gain that expertise is what drew Logan Kirkness to the Music Technology certificate program at Douglas College.

“Being a musician with an interest in all kinds of music and production, and having had friends that took the program themselves made taking it the perfect decision,” Logan says.

The one-year program provides training in sound engineering, music software, audio engineering and music production.

Students also gain practical experience working with state-of-the-art equipment in on-campus recording studios.

Logan has long been passionate about music and recording. He is a guitarist and singer, and he has experience working in a recording studio as an assistant engineer.

But to move his career ahead, he knew he needed some formal training.

“The Music Technology program has given me more than enough knowledge and experience for me to feel comfortable in the audio recording and production workforce,” Logan says.

“I feel comfortable around all forms of audio equipment and software used both in live and studio applications.”

The Music Technology program has been a good fit for Logan. Besides gaining new knowledge and skills, he has made connections with a studio and joined a band.

“A certificate course cannot always cover everything but the Music Technology program manages to provide a large amount of practical knowledge and experience into a one-year program.”

To learn more about the Music Technology certificate program, visit the Douglas College website.

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