Exam Jam brings study groups, tutoring, games, prizes and more to Douglas College

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Exams are stressful. But with preparation, coping skills and some fun, they don’t have to be. This semester, the Learning Centre is bringing back Exam Jam to help support students through exams. But first they are inviting students to take part in Exam Jam Kickoff.


Join the Learning Centre, in partnership with the Library, Campus Life, the International Department, the Office for New Students and The Other Press, for games, prizes, answers to quick questions and more on Wednesday, April 8, from 11:30am-2:30pm, in the New Westminster Campus concourse.

  • Troubleshoot your study questions with Learning Centre peer tutors
  • Play games for a chance to win prizes
  • Learn hip hop dancing
  • Try the 30 Minute Hit
  • Learn stress relief strategies
  • Test your physical endurance
  • Try art therapy
  • Visit The Other Press’ “Selfie Station”

Exam Jam

Visit the Learning Centre from April 13-16 for exam-focused services. With peer tutoring and study groups happening at both the New Westminster and Coquitlam campuses, Exam Jam will get you through exams and give you skills you can use for semesters to come.

Here’s what’s happening:

  • Peer Tutoring: The Learning Centre will be open for business at both campuses from 9:30am-5:30pm on April 13 through 16. We encourage students to book up to four 25-minute tutoring appointments per week during this time. Students can reserve a spot by booking online at douglascollege.ca/learningcentre.
  • Study Groups: Often, two heads are better than one. And multiple brains are even better! The Learning Centre is holding study groups at both campuses for ACCT 1110, BIOL 1103/1109, BIOL 1203/1209, CHEM 1110, ECON 1150, FINC 1231 and PSYC 2300. Study groups will be led by our experienced peer tutors, and students can book a spot online at douglascollege.ca/learningcentre.
  • Essay Jam: Other Press editors will be providing drop-in essay feedback in the New West Library on April 14 & 15, from 1:30pm-4:30pm.
  • Stress-Free Zone: Need a study break? The Library is hosting a stress-free zone in the Library classroom at New West during the exam period. There will be Lego, Play-Doh, puzzles and calming music.
Want more info about Exam Jam? Visit douglascollege.ca/examjam or stop by the Centre.
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