Portraint of theatre student Jackson Boudreau by David Denofreo

Theatre student breathes life into his characters

When Jackson Boudreau first came to Douglas College to study theatre, he didn’t have any experience as a stage actor.

But through the program, he has had the opportunity to perform before live audiences and discover a passion for bringing the characters he plays to life.

“Being able to do that has been so rewarding. It’s a lot of fun to be able to step into another world as someone else,” he says.

Jackson has honed his craft while taking courses in movement, voice, and theatre history. He credits his progress to the inspiration he’s received from fellow students and guidance from instructors.

Last semester, Jackson had a role in the Douglas College production of Subsequent Conversations, a series of one-act plays set in the modern, urban landscape.

This semester, his focus had shifted to the battlefields of ancient Greece. As a cast member in Trojan Women, he plays a messenger who must deliver bad news to survivors of the mythological Trojan War.

Gloomy subject matter aside, Jackson says he is enjoying building his latest character, exploring possible motivations and experimenting with different approaches to the script.

“The process of has been opened up to me since I entered the program. I don’t think everyone understands how much goes into acting,” he says.

Jackson’s love of movies is what first drew him to acting. And while he wants to pursue film acting in the future, he says he can’t imagine leaving behind the thrill of live audiences.

“It’s really been an eye-opener for me, getting to know this is what I want to do.”

Visit the Douglas College website to learn more about the Theatre Diploma and Associate of Arts in Theatre programs.

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