Meet the Douglas College valedictorians for Winter 2015

This month has been a time for celebration for the many Douglas College students who walked across the stage as part of the Winter graduation ceremonies.

Among them was a group of students who made their mark during their time at Douglas as outstanding students. They are the valedictorians:

Linda Cunningham
Advanced Certificate in Employment Supports Specialty 

“Graduating feels surreal. The course completely absorbed me for months. The unique virtual learning environment was what I most enjoyed. My experience at Douglas College was positive and helpful from start to end. Next for me? I am going to pursue my Vocational Rehabilitation Association designations.”

“I have big dreams and the Douglas College Hospitality program has opened multiple doors of opportunities for me to get closer to it. After graduation, I plan on working my way up the ladder to becoming a general manager of a hotel while, of course, travelling the world. I plan on getting my Hospitality degree in the next few years as well.”

“I left a career in research in order pursue a lifelong dream of working in health care. Having graduated from the Mental Health Worker Program in 2010, returning to Douglas for the Psychiatric Nursing Degree Program was an easy decision. I have started working at the BC Psychosis Program at UBC Hospital, and am looking forward to a diverse and challenging career”
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