Video: Health Fair visits Douglas College

If you were to list some of the things you should be doing—but aren’t—to improve your health, what would they be?

Maybe using that gym pass that just so happens to be hidden in the bottom of your backpack.
Or perhaps eating fewer meals at places where they ask, “You want fries with that?”
Coming up with a list of health-improvement goals is easy. But actually making the effort to change those habits? Well, not so much.
Thankfully, the Douglas College Health Fair was created to give us all the friendly kick in the pants we need.
Held annually, the fair is the place to soak up health advice and get excited about taking care of your body and mind.
The health fair visited the New Westminster and Coquitlam Campuses earlier in January. 
Check out the video above for a look at the games, booths and other fun activities that took place.
And if you missed it this year, keep an eye out for when it returns in 2016!
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