Varsity athlete shares his love of sport

David Denofreo Photo
A senior varsity athlete, Lucas DeCoste has found an outlet for his love of sport in the classroom. The volleyball player is studying in the Bachelor of Physical Education and Coaching program at Douglas College.
“I started out with an eye towards physiotherapy, but found through the Sport Science program that I was drawn more to teaching and coaching. I followed that draw and now I am learning to be a better teacher and coach,” Lucas says.

“I love the instructors’ involvement and focus at Douglas. They are all forward-thinking, and seek to create a better culture in sport, physical education, and teaching in general. I like that the program is extremely practical, and gives future teachers a head start.”

His long-term goal is to continue his education after Douglas and eventually become a teacher. But for now, he’s getting practical experience as a leader during summer camps for young athletes.

“I’m a giant kid at heart. I like to play the games too,” he says.

And he even gets to apply what he’s learned in his program.

“I have had the privilege to use information and teaching methods from my courses in conjunction with camps. I have incorporated what’s known as the Teaching Personal and Social Responsibility model in some of my camps, and have seen tremendous results in the growth of students and athletes.”

Learn more about the Bachelor of Physical Education and Coaching program on the Douglas College website.

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