BBA grad one of top Chartered Accountant students in Canada

She passed her chartered accountancy UFE exam with flying colours, earning her a place among the top 50 CA students in Canada, and on B.C.’s UFE honour roll. What’s more, the Douglas College alum is the only student on the honour roll who did not graduate from a research university. But there’s more to Erin Reimer than just numbers.


Chartered Accounting designation, CA School of Business, 2013

Bachelor of Business Administration – Accounting, Douglas College, 2010


Senior Accountant, Assurance & Advisory, Deloitte

The secret to my success

“I worked my butt off! It actually wasn’t even on my radar to finish that well on the UFE. But I had a good study partner and we worked really hard. Also, my family has been really supportive. Last summer while I was studying it was really important for me to take weekends off so that I didn’t burn out. So my husband sat down and planned stuff for us to do pretty much every weekend so that I wouldn’t be tempted to study.”

My job is more than digits

“It’s not just sitting there and punching numbers. I deal with a wide range of clients and industries. I’m not in the office that often. I’m usually out at a client site working there for a couple of weeks at a time and then moving onto the next one. So I get to meet a lot of different people.”

Creative outlet

“I have a food blog. I enjoy cooking and baking, and it’s kind of been a stress relief thing for me. Going through as much school as I have, I needed an outlet. So that was something I found that I really enjoyed doing and seemed to have a knack for.”

Taking it on the road

“I wouldn’t mind doing a secondment in another country. I know that Deloitte offers that opportunity to their employees. That would involve transitioning to another office for a period of maybe six weeks to two years. A lot of people from Deloitte end up going to Australia. I have a co-worker who is actually in the Cayman Islands right now.”

The Douglas advantage

“The small class sizes were really beneficial because you could build one-on-one relationships with your instructors. The work experience component of the program – I had to work while I was in school – also really helped, because once you start the CA School Business you are working full time and taking really demanding courses. So having that experience of balancing work and school and life at Douglas really helped me successfully transition to working at Deloitte and studying to get my CA designation.”

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